Drug Development Explainer Series

< 1 min read – A Comprehensive but Concise Introduction to the Drug Development Landscape and its Regulation. If you want to get up to speed in ~1h on how pharma works, this series is for you.

Alveavax-v1.2 vial

You’re standing in line at the pharmacy, impatiently tapping your foot as you await your meds. Little did you know, an army of regulators, scientists, and lawmakers have orchestrated this moment, having spent years making this errand possible for you. Welcome to the world of drug development, where safety measures and legalese are as ubiquitous as white lab coats. 

Knowledge about drug development is often fragmented, expensive, and jargon-heavy. With this series we don’t want to debate the pros and cons of the system’s overall value; we want to explain how it works and how it came to work like this. The articles below aim to provide a comprehensive but concise introduction to all pharma’s essential stakeholders, processes, and principles, connecting them to actionable insights and further resources:

  1. Stakeholders in Drug Development
  2. The Blueprint of Drug Development
  3. Origins of Drug Regulation
  4. Recommended Literature and Courses
  5. Alvea: A Case Study of the Fastest Biotech to Go to In-Human Trials
  6. Conclusions

This series was written in collaboration with James Smith and Kirsten Angeles. It is not a typical SEO article about pharma. Rather, it details the experience me and my ex-colleague James accumulated over the years. We have actively engaged with most of the references cited in the articles to inform decisions we made while being involved in drug development.

We hope you find this series valuable. Let’s dive in.